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Story-Writing-Bangla-Blog-Amar-Kotha Story writing is hobby for many of us. Everyday we all write a lot. Some people use diary as their post archive, some use personal blog or some use social media like Facebook. All those stories or feature can be brought under one roof. It is ‘Amar Kotha Story Archive’ where we are gathering all short stories altogether. Writing Stories and submitting to Amar kotha BD is making a great archive. Under one roof there will be small, medium or even big short stories and feature to help reader find everything in one stop place.

Bengali Story

Bengali Story archive is growing day by day. We are trying to bring massive bengali story in our portal. Story about all Bangladesh related news or articles. In our Bengali Story, you can contribute with your story about Bangladesh and Bangla.

Blogger and Blogging

Those days are gone when, people used to read paper story books after monotonous works or at free times. Now in a digital age, people are more using internet to read online, analysis or even study for more than 4-5 hours per day. As per Google, around 10 million users each day read Bengali articles over internet.

Short Stories

Amar Kotha BD is aiming to have the largest and strongest stories archive with the help of our honorable writer, blogger and publisher. Thanks to all blogger and writer for all the continued support to make this happen. Now we can truly believe on ourselves having a strongest story archive for the first time in Bangladesh.

Short stories are great to read. if we need to have a good time surfing internet, we always search for short stories.

we always prefer charming and Short stories. Short story writing becoming more prestigious hobbies. Here in our archive, we tried to gather short stories from our blogger.

Story Book in English

Those of us who loves reading and reading, always in search of story book. To learn and to share. Story book in English is necessary we all know. Amar Kotha BD is becoming a story book in English as some best storyteller around the country submitting their stories. Becoming a trustworthy story book in english we are very pleased with our storyteller.

Words have enormous power. Words can make anyone happy in a blink of an eye, again can bring tears in no time. We are taught to speak and express our words in manner. However, if you want to speak and express your thinking with vast number of people, Amar Kotha BD is perfect place for you. Your story book in english will help many.

story writing

As a storyteller in Amar Kotha BD, you can also read others story and get idea too. Its not necessary to be a great writer, all you need is just to be a good storyteller. Writing story is like telling your stories. If you have something in mind just note down take a quick review and submit to us.

There are some rules to write stories at Amar Kotha BD.

  • Writer should write his own story/article. No copy/steal story.
  • Your article should be fresh and unpublished while submitting to us.
  • Clearly give a heading on your writing story.
  • Don’t write extra words which are not related to your topic.
  • Artiles / Stories should be minimum 500 words.
  • Must have a complete Contributor profile under Amar Kotha BD.


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